ECFWA Life Member Criteria

The Board of the Eastern Canada Farm Writers’ Association is seeking Life Member nominations. This designation recognizes long-standing members of the ECFWA who have shown leadership in and contributed significantly to farm communications, the agricultural industry and our organization.

Criteria for selection include number of years as an ECFWA member; leadership in the Association (including committees and executive positions); contributions to agricultural journalism / communication; and contribution to the community, such as an active role in other organizations that strengthen the local community.

Any ECFWA member in good standing may put forward a nomination for Life Member. The Life Membership Committee will receive nominations throughout the year, and no later than 30 days in advance of the ECFWA annual meeting, for review and approval by the board; recipients will be recognized at the annual meeting.

Recipients will be presented with a plaque and acknowledgement of lifetime membership; be acknowledged in an article in the NIB; and will receive regular annual membership benefits free of charge for as long as the recipient remains a member of the ECFWA.  

Please forward the following information to  Nominations should include a brief history of the nominee’s accomplishments in agriculture communications, contributions to ECFWA, and community leadership.
•         What executive positions did this person hold within ECFWA, CFWF, and IFAJ and for how long? (Max 500 words)
•         What sort of contributions has this person offered to farm communications? (Max 500 words)
•         How does this person support the agriculture community outside of farm communications and ECFWA? (Max 500 words)
•         Nominee should be retired from full-time employment and/or has been a farm communicator for a minimum of 30 years.
•         Nominee must be a current member of ECFWA and has been a member for a minimum of fifteen years.
•         Nominee must be nominated by a current ECFWA member in good standing.